Lulius Innovation announces partnership with Dev Technology Group, Inc.

Dev Technology Group, Inc.

Lulius Innovation announces partnership with Dev Technology Group, Inc.

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Lulius Innovation announces partnership with Dev Technology Group, Inc.

Combining two complementary solution providers to improve decision making capacity and military readiness at the Joint level.  


February 8, 2023 – (RENO, Nev.) – Today Lulius Innovation, a veteran-owned startup that provides data visualization and workflow software for the Department of Defense announced it has entered a strategic partnership with Dev Technology Group, Inc., an information technology services company delivering mission critical applications and systems that protect and serve American citizens. The partnership will enhance Lulius’s data analytics and resource management capabilities. 

Participants within the US Army are well aware of the capabilities gap that exist with current “source of truth” applications. The US Army currently operates systems such as Aircraft Notebook (ACN) and Centralized Aviation Flight Record System (CAFRS). Independently, these systems lack the ability to communicate with each other. Lulus Innovation created two applications, the Aviation Status Dashboard and the Aviation Max Dataspehere, that bring these systems together and help the Army participants conduct work and visualize data, at all levels like never before. The partnership with Dev Technology Group, Inc will allow further integration with tools and applications they developed with the same customers. 

“Dev Technology shares in our core values, they have developed complementary applications and they are just good people. It’s about innovation and our teams align well with shared experience for the same customer” said Rich Ferguson, founder and CTO of Lulius Innovation. “I know that – we will be able to provide more useful solutions at the Army and Joint level which will help our customer even more”

Founded in 1998, Dev Technology is woman-owned and  supports the Departments of Homeland Security, State, Defense, and others. The company specializes in full-stack application development, biometrics and identity management, cloud and infrastructure optimization, IT and legacy modernization, and data management.

Lulius Innovation created the Aviation Status Dashboard (ASD) to eliminate manual processes and streamline data analytics at digital speed. Army formations utilize manual entry systems to update charts and spreadsheets, which requires extensive man hours and potential data inaccuracy. With the implementation of the ASD, customers can operate more efficiently by reducing manpower requirements and increasing data accuracy through a digital process. For more on Lulius, visit


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