Lulius Innovation’s Rich Ferguson Wins NCET Technologist of the Year Award

Lulius Innovation’s Rich Ferguson Wins NCET Technologist of the Year Award


Reno, NV – May 22, 2023

Lulius Innovation’s Rich Ferguson Wins NCET Technologist of the Year Award

Rich Ferguson, the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Lulius Innovation was awarded Nevada’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology’s (NCET) prestigious Technologist of the Year Award at Tuesday’s NCET Technology Awards ceremony. This accolade underscores the profound impact Ferguson has had on the advancement of technology both in Nevada and nationwide, particularly within the U.S. Army Aviation enterprise.

Ferguson’s groundbreaking software applications, the Aviation Status Dashboard and Aviation Max, have significantly improved the readiness of U.S. Army Aviation operations. These advanced technological solutions are currently being utilized in 19 locations, having passed some of the most stringent evaluations in the industry.

“Winning the NCET Technologist of the Year Award is an exceptional honor. It recognizes our relentless pursuit of innovation, and the dedication we put into making a difference in the readiness and lethality of Army Aviation,” said Ferguson. “Our team at Lulius Innovation has worked tirelessly to provide solutions that push boundaries and uphold the highest levels of security.”

The Aviation Status Dashboard and Aviation Max represent a significant leap in monitoring and maintaining the operational status of Army Aviation. With these tools, the Army is empowered to improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and maintain a constant state of readiness. 

Currently, Ferguson’s software is undergoing a rigorous cyber assessment. Once approved, it is expected to be employed across the Army Aviation enterprise, thereby further enhancing military readiness and the efficient allocation of resources. This intensive assessment is aimed at ensuring that the software maintains the highest levels of DoD security, resilience, and adaptability. 

“It’s not just about developing technology; it’s about creating tools that can truly make a difference, and doing so securely” added Ferguson. “The potential widespread adoption of our software within the Army Aviation enterprise is a testament to our commitment to excellence and continuous innovation. It will certainly bring jobs here to Nevada”

The NCET Technologist of the Year Award, one of the most prestigious recognitions in Nevada’s fast growing tech scene, honors individuals who have made substantial contributions to Nevada’s technology industry. Ferguson’s success with Lulius Innovation and the development of the Aviation Status Dashboard and Aviation Max epitomizes this standard.

We congratulate Rich Ferguson on this momentous achievement and are eager to see how his future innovations will continue to shape and transform our world.


About Lulius Innovation

Lulius Innovation is a leading software technology company founded by Rich Ferguson. The company is committed to developing cutting-edge solutions that drive efficiency, security, and positive transformation, particularly within military and aviation sectors.

About NCET

Nevada’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (NCET) is a member-supported nonprofit organization that produces networking events to help individuals and businesses explore and use technology. NCET’s award programs, including the NCET Technology Awards and the NCET Tech Star Awards, celebrate and honor northern Nevada’s leaders in technology and entrepreneurial achievement.

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